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Over the period 2015-2018 the volume of imported Beer to the Middle Kingdom increased by 41.9%. By volume Beer accounts for three quarters of the alcohol consumed in China with imported Beers growing at double digit rates each year. 

India has a population of 1.37 billion and in 2017 the nation consumed 4.7 billion litres. Beer sales in India are currently worth US$14.2 billion and are expected to grow by 7.7% annually over the period 2019-2023.
Japan has a population of 126.9 million. In 2018 the Japanese Beer market was worth US$37.1 billion and by 2022 these figures are predicted to reach US$37.7 billion.
Thailand has a population of 69.6 million. Thailand’s Beer market is worth US$9.05 billion and is projected to grow by 3.7% annually from 2019 to 2023.
The Philippines has a population of 108 million. The Beer market is worth US$2.7 billion and is projected to grow annually by 4.8% across the period 2019-2023.
South Korea has a population of 51 million. The country’s Beer market is worth US$9 billion and is projected to grow annually by 3.4% over the period 2019-2023.
Vietnam has a population of 96.7 million and consumed 4 billion litres of Beer in 2017. The Vietnam Beer market is currently worth US$7.7 billion and is expected to grow by 5.6% annually from 2019 to 2023.
Singapore has a population of 5.7 million. The Beer market in Singapore is worth US$1.6 billion and is projected to grow by 3.3% each year from 2019 to 2023.

Cambodia has a population of 16.5 million. Each year the country consumes around 610 million litres of Beer or around 38.6 litres per capita.

Indonesia has a population of 269.8 million. Beer sales in Indonesia are currently worth US$922 million and the market is expected to grow in value by 3.7% annually over the period 2019-2023.
Sri Lanka has a population of 21.3 million. Largely thanks to growing tourist arrivals in the country, Beer consumption has enjoyed strong growth of 14% over the period 2010-2014. Per capita annual consumption of Beer is currently around 6.1 litres.
Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a population of 7.43 million. Hong Kong’s Beer market is worth US$1.2 billion and is expected to grow annually by 3.2% over the period 2019-2023.

Macao’s population is 623,000 and the city is a regional hub for tourism, conventions, and incentive travel. During the first few months of 2017 alone the city imported US$18 million worth of Beer.
Taiwan has a population of 23.8 million and consumes 517 million litres of Beer annually.

Myanmar has a population of 54 million. Myanmar’s Beer market is expected to reach 900 million litres by 2021.

Malaysia has a population of 31.9 million and is the 10th largest consumer of alcohol in the world. Annual per capita consumption is around 11 litres of beer and Malaysians spend US$500 million on alcohol each year.
Nepal has a population of 28.7 million. Annual per capita consumption is 4 litres of Beer and the Beer industry in Nepal has grown at a rate of 25% in recent years.
Laos has a population of 7.2 million. Beer consumption has been steadily increasing over the past decade with annual per capita Beer consumption currently at around 41 litres.
The Maldives has a population of 591,000 and last year imported US$3.08 million worth of Beer, representing a 41.2% increase on the previous year.

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