Each Beer, Cider and Mead entered in the Asia Beer Challenge™ is Judged by Asia’s Leading Beer Buyers.

The Asia Beer Challenge™ Panel of experienced Judges carefully analyse the entries by a process of blind tasting. This extensive process takes into consideration all elements of each Beer including the appearance, flavour profile, aromas, and structure.


This impartial and thorough approach ensures that each Beer is tasted objectively and has the opportunity to compete with the World’s leading Beer brands.

The scores given to each product are then collated and the highest-scoring Beers in each category are awarded Asia Beer Challenge™ Medals in recognition of their excellence. Multiple Asia Beer Challenge™ Medals may be awarded in a category, provided the required score for Medal is reached.

The key criteria are Beer quality and fulfillment of the category definition.

The prize winners will be notified after the tasting. Prize winners only will be published, participants will not be disclosed.

These sought-after Asia Beer Challenge™ Medals give your Products a seal of approval from the Top Asian Beer Buyers, helping to boost your profile in the Asian Beer market and make your Importers and consumers choose your quality brands.