FACT: 50% of the World’s Beer is consumed in Asia.  

Entering the Asia Beer Challenge™ (ABC) offers the unique opportunity to present your carefully created Beers to an elite audience of Buyers – the people that you want to taste your Beers — the ultimate decision makers. 

Organised by The Largest Wine & Spirits Award Organisation named by CNN as “the most influential beverage competition in the world“, “responsible for 1 billion bottles sold since 2006.“ – the Asia Beer Challenge is carefully conducted as a blind tasting. 

In addition to being the biggest market in the World — Asia also has the fastest-growing Beer markets and the smartest Beer brands are enjoying this phenomenal opportunity.

With the Asia Beer Challenge™ Judges active and at the forefront of all the major Asian markets, the most powerful brands in the World discover unique insight into the latest needs of these thriving countries. 

With a growing middle class, countries including China and India are leading the way for carefully made Beers filled with character and substance. According to the BMI Research of Business Monitor International, “on the back of changing cultural attitudes and a young, increasingly affluent population, demand for premium and craft beers is rapidly emerging“. These countries are the strategic focus for top global Brewers like Heineken and AB InBev.

Asian Beer Market Facts


  • Asia accounts for 50% of total global Beer consumption, placing it well ahead of any other region. In comparison, Europe is expected to make up 17.1% of the total and North America 8.7%.
  • The value of the Asia-Pacific Beer market is predicted to reach USD 335 billion by 2024 with a very impressive CAGR of 7.45% forecast between 2019-2024.
  • Average per capita Beer consumption in Asia is currently at 20.9 litres.
  • This growth is the result of rising disposable incomes and growing middle class where there is increasing demand for premium beers.
  • Over 50% of the population in the Asia-Pacific region is under 35 years old and this sector is driving the growing popularity of Beer.
  • Over the period 2015-2018 the volume of imported Beer to the Middle Kingdom increased by 41.9%.
  • The Indian Beer market is forecast to lead the region with a CAGR of 9.90% over 2019 to 2025. 
  • Within India, the southern states account for the largest market share due to the humid, hot summer conditions which extend across many months and increase the consumption of chilled Beer. 
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